Me, Myself and Mental Health

Mental health is something that has always been a topic of interest for me. Growing up my mother was a mental health nurse so, I was raised to always express how I felt if I needed to. Even from a young age I’ve always been in touch with my feelings and discerning of how others... Continue Reading →

CoCo’s Box

As you know, Melanin Monroe is all about supporting black owned businesses and celebrating black excellence, particularly female excellence. So it's a pleasure to introduce the lovely Shenel Ferguson who has begun a wonderful entrepreneurial venture with her brand new business CoCo's Box! This is a boutique selling beautifully stylish accessories. Check out her site... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

Happy new year from Melanin Monroe, it's been a while since our last post but as you'll know January is exam season so we'll be back shortly after.  I hope everyone has a joyful and prosperous year! ~ MM

The Dawn of Melanin Monroe

Growing up I’ve always been a big girl but size and race was never an issue for me, so I thought. Until I reached secondary school, at this time I began to notice that being light skinned or mixed race was deemed as attractive while having brown skin or dark skin wasn’t good enough. At... Continue Reading →

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